Perspectives on Magic: A book about the science of conjuring

Perepectives on Magic: A book about scienctific views of conjuringWhen watching a magician the question that is most pressing on people’s minds is how did he do it?

This is not the only question that can be asked of a magic performance. A psychologists might ask why it is possible that the mind can be deceived, occupational therapists are interested in how performing magic tricks can help people with physical disabilities and sociologists research the subculture of magicians.

This book explores some answers to the questions that scholars from different fields of science have asked about the performances of magicians. For magicians this book provides new perspectives on their performance art. For people with only a passive interest in magic, this book provides an insight into a quaint performance art that is surrounded in secrecy and clichés.

If you like to more about the book, read the synopsis, which also contains links to related websites and video clips. If you like to read the book, or other specialised literature on this topic, visit the bookshop or go to the bibliography.

Table of Contents

  1. Perspectives on Magic: What is magic?
  2. Science and Magic: How does magic relate to science?
  3. The Art of Magic: Is magic a performance art?
  4. Magic Networks: What is it like to be a magician
  5. The History of Magic: What role did magicians play in the past?
  6. The Power of Magic: What is the practical use of conjuring?
  7. The Magic of Teaching: What can we learn from magicians?
  8. The Deception of Magic: How can we be so easily deceived?
  9. The Future of Magic: Will magic become obsolete?
  10. Epilogue: What is the science of magic?


Review by Tom Stevens

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